Many searches and 15 arrests of BIHE faculty

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Many searches and 15 arrests of BIHE faculty

Postby Sen McGlinn » Sun May 22, 2011 6:57 am

Today, officials from the Ministry of Intelligence have been entering the homes of many of the academic staff of the Bahai Institute for Higher Education (BIHE), a Bahai-run distance learning university that provides internationally accredited university education to Iranian Bahais, who are excluded from tertiary education in Iran. The officials have been seizing books, computers and personal effects, and have arrested at least fifteen of the university’s staff. Arrests appear to be ongoing. Some of those arrested have been transferred to Evin prison. The buildings used as laboratories and for academic purposes in Tehran have also been closed. The PCED names 30 faculty members whose homes have been searched, without indicating which of them were arrested, or which cities they live in.

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