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Roy Wilhelm

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A spy lurks in Stoneham? Hardly

By Kathryn Skelton , Staff Writer
Saturday, April 11, 2009 ... am_Hardly/

People want to believe ...

Wilhelm was born in Ohio in 1875.

He was a green coffee broker and importer, according to Pollitt, a Bahai who lives in Fryeburg and works at the Maine Historical Society. She's done quite a bit of research on Wilhelm.

When his mother converted to the faith, Wilhelm had no interest in joining, Pollitt said. "He was quite a Wall Street industrialist. He had no room for any kind of strange religion in his life."

But in 1906, when his mother wanted to travel to the spiritual center in Israel, he didn't want her going alone. "When he met (leader) Abdu'l-Bahá in Palestine, his heart was really turned around and he became a Bahai," Pollitt said.


He was posthumously awarded the rare Bahai honor "Hand of the Cause of God" and buried in his Stoneham hillside.


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