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Volunteer Requests

Postby brettz9 » Fri Feb 06, 2004 9:39 pm

Greetings all,

If anyone is willing to help out the Baha'i Library Online wiki site, please let me know!

A few mundane, yet useful tasks (as well as less mundane tasks) which anyone could do include the following:

1) Go through systematically all of the Study guides, books, etc. here at Baha'i Library and add links to their pages from their corresponding wiki Writings pages if they have not yet been added. This will allow a person to see what study guides exist (here or elsewhere for that matter) when they are reading the wiki page. A very short summary of the work (in parenthesis after the URL) would be helpful.

2) Help flesh out the Subject pages. An exhaustive study is not required, but I am trying to enforce that we do this with Lights of Guidance-style headings and primarily include authoritative sources, to enable each page to be a useful summary of the authoritative guidance on the topic.

3) Help flesh out any of the other pages accessible from the main site.

Please let me know if any volunteers need help in learning how to do this. Feel free to post any questions in response or email me. The wiki site has a lot of potential, if people would start to use it. The hope is that all contributors to (as well as users of!) the main Bahá'í Library Online site will get in the habit of adding comments or links for any new (or old) material they have uploaded to this site (or anywhere for that matter).


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