Request for book, magazine donations to Brazil

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Request for book, magazine donations to Brazil

Postby Jonah-admin » Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:25 am

I'm passing on this request from Onaldo Alves Pereira, [-Jonah]

Rio Verde, 2019, August, 17.

Dear friend,

I hope and pray you are doing well together with yours!

I am a professor of philosophy, religion and Portuguese language; I am a writer with four books published. With my students and some friends, we started research on religion and became very much interested in a certain tradition that we found in history, not in the living world of today and therefore we felt very lonely, but now a possibility of a larger fellowship is showing up as we get to know you!

Unhappily we as a country are undergoing such a deep and long-lasting economic crisis that basic things like internet connection are very expansive and of bad quality in some Brazilian states, like ours. Therefore of our group, I am the only one to have access to the Internet in the university where I work and then, since the first month of this year, the university ran out of material to print and to do this we would have to travel to Goiânia, the Goiás state capital city, tow hundred an fifty kilometers from here, and have a lot of money to pay for the printing. So we need printed materials, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, and books to read and share around. Something like a hundred percent of our group can read English, some also French, and all Spanish. So if you could share some literature with us we would be very grateful! And also would be looking forward to being visited by some of you!

We have started this group for 25 years now, and have developed some social work founding a school for children from the "favelas" and, at night, for adults who never learned to read and write. We also have a large community vegetable garden where people from five very poor neighborhoods work and harvest for their families. We work with situations of violence in poor neighborhoods trying to teach peaceful resolutions of conflicts right at the spot. And we also have a small library where we offer free short courses of peace, gardening, history, ecology and relationship, and community.

We are very much interested in all your teachings, history and rituals, PLEASE help us to learn more especially with your prayers and reading material!

Thank very very much for reading this!! May you be blessed!

My address:
Onaldo A Pereira
Caixa Postal 122
CEP 75901-070
Rio Verde, Goiás, Brazil

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