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How did the True Bahai Community of Louhelen occur?

Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:24 pm
by Aaron Maldonado
When I went to Louhelen about six years ago, it had a the most wonderful Bahai community that had seemed to progressed very much farther than any other community that had progressed before. When I went there I noticed that people were almost all smiling and very welcoming to everyone, the people working there had been so openhearted that one felt they could talk to them about almost anything, the great deal of reverence gave the place a most favorable meditative atmosphere, people were much more religious, seemingly more focused on God, and thing were done with much better intellect. It is hard to describe how wonderful it was and because it was long ago. The light was breathing from the heart of everyone and it reasonated in the land. Anyone who spent some time there would be changed into a different person.
I had come back about 5 years later and sadly Louhelen seemed to be just like a normal religious school when I went there. I has seen a lot of the people that I has seen the other year that I had come and they all changed a lot. Everyone this time would converse and talk and do activities very much like common people. I had a good time anyway though. Something usual that had happen this time was that we endup seeing a one foot large green moth that was not bothered by people coming close to it.
My question for everyone is as to how Louhelen reach such amazing progress in this day. It really was quite advanced as I said. The light of the Bahai's literally illuminated the environment. Leaving the atmosphere of Bahai's proved even fatal as it could mean one might be prone to more shortcoming.