Personal Relationship with Faith and with Community

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Personal Relationship with Faith and with Community

Postby coatofmanycolours » Thu Mar 26, 2009 5:49 am

Friends; What does it mean to have a relationship with a Faith?

The first thing that comes to mind, for me, is that I have a relationship with
a particular community of interest -in this case an interest in a way of life.
The fact that the shared interest is in a way of life has unusual challenges that are
not present when the shared interest is in a hobby -such as aquarium fish, for

A cultural habit which I have noticed in my home region is that with religion
comes mutual expectations. The peculiar assumption is that the adherent of
a religion is supposed to be, somehow, different from a non-adherent, even if he
is new at it. This cultural habit comes from my region, not from my new Faith,
which is Baha'i. No doubt, if I settled in some far-away region, I would soon discover
another distinct set of cultural assumptions.

Another perspective on having a relationship with a Faith, is my personal relationship
with God through the Central Figures of my chosen Faith. This relationship, is distinct
from my relationship with my peers in my religious community. My peers might be very
nice or very nasty, yet God is changeless, constant and trustworthy and so is His chosen
Manifestation. He is teaching me virtues and sharing with me a divine revelation which is
distinct from what can be taught by anyone else but God.

What does my religious community have to do with my God. Well, my community is a kind
of workshop where skills are practiced and lessons are consolidated. Also, it is a field to be
cultivated, where seeds can be propagated so that good things continue to grow for countless
generations of my fellow human beings.

Another analogy for community is that it is like a new choir, united under a skillful choir-master.
The new choir is able to produce a cacophony of discordant notes under the patient tutelage
of the Master. It is truly united while making this annoying noise, because it recognized the
Master and accepts His guidance, step-by-step.

What happens when this type of unity prevails long enough for skills to increase? On the foundation
of unity, a new sound slowly emerges which is actually pleasant to hear. It is that harmony which
only comes of persistent efforts at learning while united under the care of the brilliant Master.

This is an excellent time to accept the noise which is the beginning of unity and a necessary part of
this wonderful current stage for us.


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Re: Personal Relationship with Faith and with Community

Postby onepence~2 » Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:08 am

yes ... we often hear the noise ...

thanks for pointing out how beautiful it is ...

at times one can scarcely imagine the final outcome ...

yet .. at certain peaks .... breath taking

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