Mysticism by Baha'i Definition

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Mysticism by Baha'i Definition

Postby Zoharo » Fri Jan 23, 2004 6:15 am

Dear Friends,

The subject heading is clearly defined as differs from the general overview of mysticism. Minimally, a Baha'i "mystic wayfarer" realizes that Divine knowledge is only given unto mankind through a Messenger of God; in this dispensation, the Glory of God, Baha'u'llah. In a manner as is available to each individual, knowledge of the "universe within", the divine aspects of a human being, and recognition of the station of Baha'u'llah are taught the mystic wayfarer in varied theopathies. union (s) with the Divine in accord with such capacities as each individual may be (has been) given (granted) as may be known in the Lights thereof.

As this topic appears to be more and more studied in cultures of Euro-western origin, and as many are attempting to asimilate such theopathies as may be steeped in oriental (middle-eastern) imageries as metaphors, classes have been given for introduction in some Baha'i schools and Institutes in the United States of America.

A growing personal concern is acknowledged having witnessed several well-known believers "falling from Grace" after attempting to "climb" the mystical pathways by means of meditation.

We understand numerous scholars have attempted to analyze the Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys, as many are known to "talk the talk", yet discussions are few with believers that have "walked the walk" (actual "first hand" knowledge, or theopathies).

These allusions (teachings of mysteries) also lend to the aspirant's understandings concerning the "pitfalls" along said paths, Valley unto Valley, City unto City, leading unto Him and onwards into the Garden of Ridvan. These are more rare to be heard discussed and may be the cause of some believers "downfall".

Are any members, or guests, herein capable of such discussions, rising above emotions, as passions may be experienced on varied planes of existence, in and beyond, the levels of understanding and wisdom? At any levels prior to "nothingness"? any before the Abiding Place is known? or even discussion on the Most Straight Path? as regards the "pitfalls" or dangers of "falling from Grace" and why?



Postby janine » Wed Jan 28, 2004 7:20 pm

Dear Zoharo,

Hi! Nice to meet you here as well...

I am still influenced by what John Wiegley said on Planet Bahai on the thread about ego. That ego is that which keeps us away from the Beloved.

I have had some glimpses of mystical experiences. But i am never sure whether these are just fantasies or truth. And also that meditation should lead to insight. And insight leads to good and pure deeds, actions, attitudes.

In the end, all our mystical experiences are but personal experiences. We are adviced to offer a truth we might possess with kindliness and humility. If it is not accepted, so be it. Another test in detachment, in letting go and waiting for God to do His work in His own time.

I think if we adopt this attitude, then the pitfalls can be avoided, hopefully. IN the end, it is all in the hand of God.

Hope this was along the line you were looking for.....

much love,


Omid Townsend
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Postby Omid Townsend » Thu Jan 29, 2004 7:22 pm

Hi Zo,

I was checking out your website and I must say very impressive art work. My dad too is an artist he has done a lot of Baha'i inspired art work.

Your post was very touching. If I understand you correctly, what you mean is that an attempt should be made to travel the valleys from a purely speculative standpoint, without infringing on realities which must be left unto the individual quest...right?

It is common in Rumi's works that he ends his odes and poems with "more than this I am unable to tell". Rumi, credible enough for Baha'u'llah to quote from, has given a rare glimpse into the ultimate relality. I think if this thread is left untouched we might learn something really interesting.

If I may relate a personal experience. I was in my junior year of highschool when one night I was in my room alone. I had finished saying the long obligitory prayer and I was sitting in a chair saying my "allah'u'abhas". With out any kind of real preperation for the expereince I was about to have, I found myself in a state of epiphany. A relazation and a glimpse into the Abha Kingdom :shock: . My physical faculties were numbed and I began to cry and laugh simultaniously. My heart rate increased and from head to toe felt as if it was on fire. As I looked around my room I saw with spiritual eyes the nothingness of my surroundings. I felt a presesence so powerful and so majestic...more than this I am not able to tell. There simply is no acurate language to describe the sensations and feelings of awe I felt. I have heard of the "sufi" arabic wiith which Baha'u'llah describes the 7 valleys. Perhaps, going off into the mountains to feel this would unlock the magic so to speak. Where is the person who can say they are in a constant state of ecstasy? As quikly as my expereince came it left, I have had 2 since then and I wish God would do it to me again. I really beleive that one cannot enter into these spiritual realms without God's permission.

There was a Persian beleiver who asked Baha'u'llah to show him the Abha Kingdom or something alongs those lines. Baha'u'llah denied him at first and then finally He agreed. With a gesture of that blessed hand He let the beleiver see the Kingdom. A while later, The beleiver closed his affairs and committed suicide. He was so enamoured with love he couldn't living an earthly life anymore.

I guess that brings me to the next point...Search. As the first valley is that should we begin the discussion with it?

Baha'u'llah states in the preable "...I therefore reveal unto thee sacred and resplendent tokens from the planes of glory, to attract thee into the court of holiness and nearness and beauty, and draw thee to a station wherein thou shalt see nothing in creation save the Face of thy Beloved One, the Honored, and behold all created things only as in the day wherein none hath a mention.
Of this hath the nightingale of oneness sung in the garden of Ghawthíyyih. [Sermon by `Alí] He saith: "And there shall appear upon the tablet of thine heart a writing of the subtle mysteries of `Fear God and God will give you knowledge'; [Qur'án 2:282] and the bird of thy soul shall recall the holy sanctuaries of preexistence and soar on the wings of longing in the heaven of `walk the beaten paths of thy Lord', [Qur'án 16:71] and gather the fruits of communion in the gardens of `Then feed on every kind of fruit.'" [Qur'án 16:71]

What does that mean to fear God? I often remind myselfs of "my tresspasses which have held me far from the court of Thy holiness" and then I think what will God do to me if I make him angry? Then I get scared. I think I will stop here and let others comment...I'm anxious to see what others think.


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Re: Mysticism by Baha'i Definition

Postby Zoharo » Sun Sep 18, 2022 10:46 pm

Dear Omid,
Long and far has my heart journeyed since posting years ago. My self would leave Islamic metaphors and interpretations of the 7 Valleys and the 4 to the academics. In Gems of Divine Mysteries Baha'u'llah speaks directly to the seeker in the Baha'i Era of the eighth and ninth Valleys of Resignation and Immortality leading to the Bab, the Primal Point. Thus, the seeker is taken into the Garden of Ridvan becoming a Phoenix.

Having served in said Garden, my meditations carried me into Loftiness and beyond. Such is where the Baha'is need to traverse all the Mountains unto the Kingdoms of both Abha and Baha to be of greater assistance to Him in the Golden Age of mankind.

All my best regards,

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