About my resignation

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About my resignation

Postby Sean H. » Sun Aug 27, 2006 12:42 pm

The following insults by a "Baha'i" were made on this forum about a subject that people apparently need some clarification of.

"Obviously, being a self-proclaimed ex-Baha'i, you have rejected Baha'u'llah (and by extension God) so any 'Baha'i answer' that is given will not satisfy you. "


"as far as your "attempt to resign" ... lol .. man can you do anything sucessfully? ... lol

- - -

First of all, I have indeed indicated in various posts that I'm an "(unconfirmed) ex-Baha'i", or "ex-Baha'i" and so forth. The reason for doing so was various, either to make clear that I am not an "active" Baha'i when supporting particular political viewpoints (e.g., the military defense of the state of Israel), or that when I was critising the "Baha'i left", I was not representing any kind of "conformist, mainstream, AO-centric, conservative" position, or to indicate that my views on "community affairs" are clearly out of the mainstream (so as not to confuse anaware readers).

In other words, I have "self-identified" as a non-conformist, and as a "gadfly" and critic of various dysfunctionalities that exist in Baha'i culture.

As stated previously on this forum, as a protest of a specific example of bureaucratic abuse of authority within a relatively obscure area of Baha'i administration oranized as a "volunteer" group, I requested that the US NSA remove my name from the membership roles.

In response, a functionary at the USBNC sent me a "biolerplate" communication (I can post it at request if permitted by the moderators) asking me to confirm my request by clarifiying to them if I was having a hard time with Baha'is laws (no), basic belief (not really), etc.

I've had several friends "withdraw" over the years, and having seen their correspondence with the USBNC (as well as hearing about many others that are similar), I recognised the "form letter" response.

The communication from the USBNC only addressed the actual issue that had caused me to resign in protest in brief, and they gave no indication that they had any real interest in "investigating" the abuse of authority that I was complaining about. My assumption, supported by reports of similar abuse and incompetence from other people, is that there is a long established pattern of abuse of power within the volunteer group, which is probably justified by the leaders by the fact that they are providing "important" services to various elements of the international Baha'i administration.

Just as the USBNC saw fit to ignore my complaint and the documentation that I provided about the specific abuse of authority that I provided as part of my protest, I am ignoring their bureaucratic, dehumanizing, inadequate "form letter" response.

(nothing from LSA here either, they were "cc'd" by the USBNC)

My understanding is that several other people in roughly similar circumstances (critics, disillusioned, married to ex-Baha'is, etc.) that have not had contact with the Baha'i community for 10 years are eventually "dropped the roles" by the NSA as a routine matter.

Until then, they apparently are quite happy to continue sending me reminders to pay off the remainder of my "Kingdom Project" pledge (I imagine that the postage they are wasting, unfortunately paid for by the contributions of "active" Baha'is, will be significant).

Please let me know if any additional information is needed.

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Postby Zazaban » Sun Aug 27, 2006 12:52 pm

I am not an ex-Baha'i, I have never been a Baha'i, I am learning about the faith. That was way before I really knew much. Please don't jump to conclusions like that.

Edit: oh, i'm sorry I understood you.

Nothing says you have to conform to what a majority of baha'is think. (is there something that says that?)
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Postby Jonah » Mon Aug 28, 2006 1:14 pm

Thanks for your clarifications, Eric.

Because this thread is about personal issues not directly related to the Baha'i Library or Baha'i studies, and because you've had a chance to offer a full explanation of where you stand, I'll lock this thread now.


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