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Hello everybody,

I, Peter Thompson, am an independent scholar of world religions, and a serious academic writer. I am a member of the Baha'i Faith for a decade. I am a poet, and a business communications technician.

I've been producing a giant project of the renumbering of all the ancient scriptures of the world, with a simple format of 1.2.3. up into the 100s. I have renumbered the KJV Bible and the Koran, and most of the lost writings of the Bible too. And Veda law books of India, and ancient Greek literature, and ancient Egyptian literature, and Chinese literature. And Mormon literature, the Baha'i tablets, Christian Science literature, and even Morals & Dogma by Albert Pike.

Each with really good progress. REALLY GREAT PROGRESS, actually.

Not only am I renumbering the scriptures of the world, I am arranging them chronologically, and setting them forth in a line-by-line arrangement that is easy to read and reason therein. I am also editing certain translations for grammar, clarity, and syntax. (I am sincere believer, so yall don't have to worry about that!)

I've renumbered the Baha'i tablets too, many that have never have never been numbered before!

I've collected ALL the available writings of the Baha'i prophet Baha-Allah, and arranged them in order of their size, the same way the Koran is arranged, mainly for research purposes.

The book of the City of Certitude appears to be the name for all the writings of the Baha'i prophets. The name of the book of the canonical tablets produced by Baha-Allah appears to be 'the Book of Certitude'. Turned out real nice. I call it "the Iqan-opolis."

I have produced them in two volumes, available for download in PDF or word format.

The other books of the Bible, and the Bible with the Apocrypha, are available on The downloads are available at my social media website in Russia, at There you will find dozens of manuscripts, including the Bahai texts.

I also have a website at Feel free to sign up for Academia!

Get a copy for your family today!

More information will follow.

I might add that I am seeking sponsorship to finance the greater international printing of these remarkable academic (archaeology) documents.


and Peace be Upon You All!

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