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Postby Steph » Thu May 10, 2018 2:43 pm

I'm new to the forum.

Recently I was devastated by Susan Pierce Thompson's very vocal ---I'm not sure if I can't think of the term or just what---leaving the Faith. She had a vlog on this online in the Bright Line Eating sphere but I'm sure it has gone into other online worlds as well.

I know it should not have effected me like it did. Anyhoo, I think you guys are all very level headed and don't want to hear about my crawling out a dark hole...:)

I'm sure the above topic has been discussed (perhaps ad nauseum) and I am not seeing it? I am not sure I want to see it. I have read all "the usual" but truly where do we go with this subject? The Covenant is the Covenant. Sacrosanct. But there have also been letters from the House talking about sex changes and remarriage after that... Perhaps this is best discussed in private, and I'm not sure anything online anymore is private, but does anyone "have it all figured out?" ;)

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