New Book: The End of Suffering

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New Book: The End of Suffering

Postby palyne » Thu May 18, 2006 2:57 pm

<a href=""><img align="right" vspace="10" hspace="10" src="" border="0" alt="The End of Suffering Fearless Living in Troubled Times or, How to Get Out of Hell Free by Russell Targ and J.J. Hurtak Ph.D. Forward by Ashok Gangadean" hspace="0" vspace="0" name="book cover The-End-of-Suffering-Targ-Hurtak" width="265" height="400"></img></a>
For those who may be interested, a new book called The End of Suffering by Russell Targ has been published. See for more info.

The End of Suffering was greatly informed by the dazzling clear and inspiring writing of Jonah Winters, in his thesis, "Thinking in Buddhism: Nagarjuna's Middle Way," online here at . Targ is happy to acknowledge his significant debt to Winters, for his many original insights into this complex material.

Click on the cover to jump to the book's webpage:

<b>Abstract:</b> this inspiring book shows step-by-step how we can learn to surrender the story of who we think we are, and experience the end of our suffering. The authors' goal is to provide direct experience of the fact that the peace, love, and spaciousness we are all looking for is already within us--it is who we are! This book is a collaboration between Russell Targ, a laser physicist, pioneering psychical researcher, and writer, and J. J. Hurtak, a social scientist and spiritual teacher in both Judeo-Christian and Buddhist traditions. This practical guide brings together the enduring teachings of the East on peacefulness and self-realization, and puts them into a modern framework emphasizing experience over belief.

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