New book on Pluralism mentions the Faith

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New book on Pluralism mentions the Faith

Postby Jonah-admin » Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:36 pm

I've just been sent the following press release for Religious Pluralism and the Trinity Absolute. The book looks interesting, and according to a preview it has at least some mentions of the Faith:'i+ ...
If you are interested in some new ideas on religious pluralism in relation to the Trinity, please check out my website at, and give me your thoughts on improving content and presentation.

My thesis is that an abstract version of the Trinity could be Christianity’s answer to the world need for a framework of pluralistic theology.

In a rational pluralistic worldview, major religions may be said to reflect the psychology of One God in three basic personalities, unified in spirit and universal in mind – analogous to the orthodox definition of the Trinity. In fact, there is much evidence that the psychologies of world religions reflect the unity of One God in an absolute Trinity.

In a constructive worldview: east, west, and far-east religions present a threefold understanding of One God manifest primarily in Muslim and Hebrew intuition of the Deity

In a follow-up email (posted with permission), the author notes:
At present, my book has only a few more passing references to the Baha'i Faith, but as stated on my "About the Author" page, the book is still a work in progress, and I hope to receive feedback which I can include in on-going revisions. I will follow your Forum for that purpose, and in the meantime, perhaps you can recommend some Baha'i books or readings that could tie in to my ideas of Religious Pluralism and the Trinity.

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