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Lets start a non-profit

Postby Guest » Tue Dec 27, 2005 11:00 pm


A few friends and I want to start a non-profit. We are currently looking for other people who would be intrested. It is Bahai minded in the sense that its primary function will be providing English to children. As English is quickly becoming an international language the need for it has dramatically increased. Our first goal will be raising enough money to start an institute in some Asian country, probably Thailand or maybe Taiwan, places where there is already a Bahai population. China is the future but, little by little =-) If you are at all intrested please email otownsend@gmail.com

Those of you who would be intrested might want to consider what you can contribut first. Right now a number of services are needed.

We need people who can...or possess

Build a website
Legal experience in starting a 501(c)(e) status organisation.
Education administration skills
Organisational managment skills
Fund raising ideas.

Just a start.

If you are instrested in who will be along for the ride please email.

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