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Ongoing Forum Discussions

Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2004 1:30 am
by brettz9
Dear all,

I wanted to let you know that I have started, with Jonah's blessings, a category in the forums here at the bottom of the list at to allow for ongoing discussions pertaining to a particular book or subject (or protagonist). Thus, people should be able to find others of common interests in the Faith and share with and learn from them. Just start your own topic or reply to an existing one.

These ongoing discussions stand in opposition to (yet are intended to be complementary to) those in the original discussion forum whose threads are created at the whim or by the immediate needs of their creator. Although new participants in a long-term ongoing thread would not be expected to read all of the previous posts in that thread, the record may serve some use for finding information.

In order to maximize the level of organization for these forums, already with inherently more structure than a regular forum discussion, I would like to request, if the thread you wish to add is an ongoing discussion of a particular book, that you add a link to that book (the Baha'i Writings are at ) in the initial posting for that thread. The Writings pages in turn link (in the top right corner) to a corresponding collaborative "wiki" page to which you can in turn add a link to your ongoing discussion (as well as to public collaborative articles from a purely scientific perspective such as are hosted at , etc.).

Also, for forums about either particular books or also particular topics and protagonists, I would like to request that any ongoing discussions include a link, preferably in the initial post, to a corresponding collaborative "wiki" page (at ). By the site guest being able to go to a site which is comprehensive, well-organized and provides some easy-to-navigate summaries and/or headed quotations, this should ensure that all the participants can be on the same page as far as what the available Writings have to say about the Baha'i perspective of a given topic and be able to find further study materials, notes, and research which can assist in their study of the topic.

If you are uncertain as to how to find or add such a corresponding "wiki" page, I can help you to do so. Just let me know the book or topic for the page you wish to be created.

For your reference, this forum's preferences allow one to be notified by email (if desired) whenever a topic one has posted to has had a message added (or one can simply log into the website to see if you'd rather not have more emails), so you can keep tabs on whenever your topic(s) of interest have current discussion. This can be controlled either in your profile or when you are posting (in the edit page as you post, there is a checkbox you can check to receive notification (towards the bottom under "options")).

For further reference, there is a website at which includes a calendar, database, and message board which aims to gather information on timed, recurring, and/or ongoing chat or discussion activities of whatever book or topic and for whatever audience or study purpose (including to any new individual threads in the above-mentioned onsite ongoing discussions).

We hope these resources can meet and exceed your needs.

best wishes to all,

Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2004 3:55 pm
by brettz9
These ongoing discussions have now been moved to in order to take advantage of that site's more sophisticated software which allows sorting of threads by various means (this should be helpful when the threads become long and people want to refer back to them).