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Doug Shaffer  

singer, songwriter, musician, U.S.A.

The Doug Shaffer Project, CD cover, Bahá'u'lláh's Way.

CD: Bahá'u'lláh's Way: A Song Cycle
The Doug Shaffer Project

Excerpts from a review by Lynne Rach, U.S.A.

...This CD offers a range of styles that, frankly, is surprising. What's so special about it? Paul Samosky's soaring lead guitar, Calvin Napper's drums, and Beverly Botsford's percussion.

Doug Shaffer´s lyrics are enlivened by the voices of Rose McCoy, Boniswa Amira Ayan, and Chris and Lynn Rosser. The music on the CD covers the range of Pop, Rock, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, with a hint of Gospel, and there are Reggae undertones there, too. Not all in the same song, of course, but it's all there, ably performed by Doug and company.

The ´song cycle´ part of the title is a clue to the journey the listener will undertake in hearing the songs in order. The title track, ´Bahá'u'lláh's Way,´ leads off like a teacher unveiling the light to a seeker. Then follows ´Traceless Friend,´ which musically reminds one of something that might have been performed by Sting, where the listener bears witness to the seeker´s first steps in search for the Beloved. Subsequent songs admonish the seeker to be steadfast (´Don't Be Foolish´), to persevere (´Shorten These Days´), to keep focused on the horizon (´Mountain Rising´), and to struggle for spiritual life (´Release Me´). The solution to the struggle is revealed in "Turn to the Light," after which the goal is visible in "New World in This World." The awakened soul travels though a very jazzy ´Walk Through This World Together´ before reaching the best song on the CD, ´Just One,´ which advises: Try your very best, hold the note you sing, hold it while others take a breath of spring, sing it by the river where God passed by, it's all just one sweet lullabye....

Excerpts from pages 10 & 11, Arts Dialogue, December 1999.

Bahá'u'lláh's Way: A Song Cycle which is produced, recorded & mixed by Eric Johnson, is for sale for $15 plus postage from the BDS in the USA, from Special Ideas, Images International, and the BDS in Australia.

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