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Orlando Hunter  

singer, composer, U.S.A.

Orland Hunter in his home, 2003.

I am a Bahá´í in New Mexico and I write/produce and perform music. I have also designed and put together a greeting card with a music cassette and I am looking for distributors.

The song that I recorded for the musical/greeting card is one that I have sung for weddings and anniversaries. I decided, why not put it in a greeting card with the lyrics on the card, and a cassette with the song on it.

The song is 5 minutes long and can be used for various occasions, such as Valentine´s Day, Mother´s/Father´s Day or birthdays, or just to tell someone that you love and care about them. It is professionally recorded on a cassette tape, and is done with acoustic guitar and strings, with a smooth rhythmic beat and mellow voice.

The card has not been bought at a store; the concept, layout and design are something that I came up with and put together. The card is 8 1/4" x 6 1/4". It has a picture of three roses on a stem and, across the top or just above the roses, the words "For That Special Someone" are written in ribbon type. Just below the roses are the words "Say It With Music". Just below this are the lyrics to the song, "Look Into My Eyes". The card folds so that you can write something inside.

The card and tape are packaged in a plastic tube type material that allows you to see the card and tape. So what you have is a nice card with a beautiful 5 minute song, for $5.00 U.S. I think this is better than paying $3.00 or more for just a card.

Send your checks to: Orlando Hunter, 615 E. Corbett St., Hobbs, New Mexico U.S.A.
tel: (505) 393-6952,

Arts Dialogue, Dintel 20, NL 7333 MC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands