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Germany / Deutschland
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Parisa Badiyi, musician, Iran / The Netherlands / Germany.

Anne Bahrinipour, painter, sculptor, Germany.

Werner Bitzigeio, sculpture, performances, Germany.

Ute Dietmar, calligraphist, Germany.

Brigritte Jauss-Hansing, ceramicist, Germany.

Eva Hemmerlein, painter, Germany.

Dietmar Kieven, painter, Germany.

Hans J. Knospe, photographer-poet, Germany.

Inge Kölle, visual artist, Germany.

Ariane (Opitz) Link, sculptor, Germany.

Vahid Matejko composer, arranger, pianist, Germany.

Birgitte Schaper, painting, Germany.

Peter Scheffel, art events organizer, Germany.

Brigitte Schirren, textiles, Germany.

Associations, Groups, Publications...

Das Bahá´í-Forum für Bildende Kunst -The Bahá´í Forum for the Visual Arts.

The Bahá´ís of Berlin, Germany, arts related mention in our publications, Germany.


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