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Reseñas biográficas
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Suscripción e Contenido
  • about our publications

  • contents of most magazines (only in English)

  • ordering back issues of "Arts Dialogue"

Noticias sobre arte

  • art news, announcements, etc

  • join the art & soul email list -this is not moderated.

  • art products
    -books, CDs, cassettes, postcards, etc.

Únete al proyecto

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    -guidelines for sending material

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BAFA ¿quiénes somos?
  • who's who
  • anneke
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  • pierre
  • sonja

  • what do we do, our philosophy

  • some history about BAFA

  • Links:
    art groups, organizations, galleries

  • publishers, agents, distributors

  • Baháí related sites

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