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Millero Congo, Colombia  

- percussion, flute, guitar, voice
Istvan, Leonor, Shangó, and David Dely

Hi, fellow Bahá´í musicians!
We are the Millero Congo musical family from Colombia.

Father: Istvan Dely, Hungarian born, Cuban and West African trained drummer and percussionist living in Colombia since 1977.

Mother: Leonor Dely, Colombian singer-composer, accoustic guitar player, author and lead vocals of the recently released CD Amame - Palabras Ocultas de Bahá'u'lláh (see

Sons: Shangó Dely: virtuoso drummer, percussionist, also plays flutes (both Native American and European) and keyboard, percussionist in Colombian superstar Carlos Vives' band.
David Dely: drummer, percussionist, Native American flutes, guitar, bass, currently travelling in Hungary.

Our musical influences are rooted in the African and Native American heritage of Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, Brasil, Suriname, Honduras etc., and the best of a wide spectrum of musical styles of the world (European classical, jazz, salsa, rock, Indian music, African music both traditional and crossover, etc).

Istvan Dely has spent the past four years travel teaching with his African drum and sometimes with wife Leonor, in a number of West African and Afri-caribbean communities, dedicated to stimulate or rescue traditional community music at the grass roots level, particularly linked to the Institute process and entry by troops.

He has compiled a course on music for Training Institutes as a result of his experiences.

Amame - Palabras Ocultas de Bahá'u'lláh, 2000   list of tracks
(Love Me - The Hidden Words of Bahá'u'lláh)

Amazing rich voice.
Stunning rhythm (and counter rhythm).

For more info and mp3 samples of the music see:

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  • CD discussed: in the KC Porter profile in Arts Dialogue, June 2002

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