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Angelo Cerchione  

journalist, reviewer, arts co-ordinator, U.S.A.

Mark Ochu is a commanding stage presence. An internationally renowned concert pianist, he has taken his approach to music appreciation to some 25 countries on four continents...

...Visit George Gershwin with Mark and Rhapsody in blue becomes a structure of doors -of avenues leading backward in time to Africa... Released in 1924, Rhapsody of course, became an enormously popular hit. Up to that point in time, African-American music had been marginalized and ignored. What Gershwin is noted for is for moving white America toward an appreciation and taste for this art form...

During his 20 years of concert-lecturing Mark has developed a marvelous series of thematic programs...

He has also performed at numerous national and international conferences and is a founding member of an international music forum on "The Role of Music in a changing world" held annually at the Landegg Academy in Switzerland.

Arts Dialogue, September 1998, page 3

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