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Philip Belove  

music review, U.S.A.

New CD by LuAnne Hightower
reviewed by Philip Belove, U.S.A.

The album has range. On the opening cut, prayer, ´Oh Lord My God, Open Thou the door...´ is sung first as an acapela chant and then unfolds into a classic jazz tune. Then the album turns to melodies and arrangements colored by exposure to the brilliant and talented sufi musicians in our area. Bahá´í and Sufi prayers and poems are sung in English and Arabic accompanied by rim drum and Arabian stringed instruments. And these are beautiful arrangments with complex harmonies and they stand as exquisite musical pieces. The Bahá´í selections include The Hidden Word, ´ Love me that I may love thee...´

Arts Dialogue, June 1997, Page 4.

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