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Articles by Kathleen Hite Babb

  • Story Analysis of the film, Braveheart.

    excerpt to come

    To experience the whole analysis go either to her site for directions at:
    or go to and then click on map, then story analysis and finally, Braveheart.

  • Writing a Bahá´í Historical novel

    excerpt to come

    You can read the whole article at:

  • The Realm of Possibility: Harmonizing Fact and Fiction

    ". . . at this early stage in the development of the Bahá´í Faith there are many obstacles to be considered and overcome: What role will the historical events themselves play in the story? Can historical figures - Bahá´í and non-Bahá´í - be employed? To what extent must the historical facts and personalities be accurate? What happens when, after earnest research, details cannot be found?"

    Read the whole article at:

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