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Bora beach party policies


Editor's Note: Published on Page D4 of the April 26, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

STILL on the shores of summer’s hottest island—last weekend’s Hed Kandy party by Bigfish at Hey Jude’s drew partyphiliacs from all over the country to flock and groove to Paul Hill’s easy-on-the-ears beats, while elsewhere on the island were pocket events from A to Z.

I first took C—as in Coca-Cola, when I passed by the MTV Summer Break with Coke where Pinoy bands jammed live with the island’s locals. This was after I took in A—as in Anton Ramos’ “Real Sunset Sessions” in Waling-Waling, where sexy scenester Faith Amigo celebrated her birthday as well.

My respect for Anton has gone a level up. I have followed his career from his first CD to his latest compilation (heard there are even pirated copies in Quiapo, can you imagine?), and I must say, he really knows his craft. This while still maintaining a friendly and down-to-earth disposition, and never being that “smug-I-know-everything-about-music” type of producer.

On his music, whereas before he made people chill and enjoy the sunset, now he has mastered the art of making people dance to the sunset, and beyond. DJ master Manolet Dario continued to wow us with his Manomission party at Aria, where everyone made sure to have their attendance checked.

But my consistent choice is still E. As in Erwin Edralin, whose ear candy came after the Hed Kandy DJ. The police had to peacefully shut down the Big Fish party at 7 a.m. Sunday as the island had to resume its family-friendly atmosphere. Some people were jogging to Sunday Mass already, so the parties continued elsewhere.

Penthouse party

My newfound party spot was at the penthouse of Kraft’s at D*Mall. Kraft’s is the multi-level convenience store at the end of the strip. It was surreal to walk up a flight of stairs full of grocery goods and end up on the roof deck full of party-happy locals and long-time Bora residents all hospitable enough to host good-vibed guests.

The sun was out, but the weekend warriors were sun worshippers as well, so that wasn’t a problem. Just don your Ray-Bans and Nikes and you’re all good. Other peeps geared up their rooms, all ready for their follow-ups to the all-day action.

Other days of the weekend were devoted to Bora Bound’s fifth installation, with nearly nude celebrities frolicking under the sun, flaunting sponsored freebies. I almost joined the Motorola 3G island relay race, (to win the latest V3x 3G-capable Motorola phone), but I remembered my ACL injury (which I haven’t had operated on yet; paging Dr. George Canlas—I’ll visit you soon) and just stayed put to cheer on Team Embassy, whose second-place win was just perfect for the evening’s Embassy at Cocomangas party, which featured new superstar DJs Martin Pulgar and Owens Sun.

I also gave Jenni Epperson a standing ovation for her new beach cover-ups line for Folded and Hung, launched at Club Paraw.
Station 2’s new bar and hotel Suzuni, owned by Geni Psinakis and Seair’s Nikos Gitsis, hosted two simultaneous parties—one for the Addict Mobile Uno Lounge (it launched Nokia’s N91 phone), and another for Calypso Events’ blonde-haired DJ Colette’s Suzuni sunset sessions.
This weekend, the Century Tuna Body Search will take place at Pier 1, and the week after that, the Nestea Beach Volley tourney—all happenin’ on these shores. As one Boracay resident told me over the weekend, here “there’s no such thing as off season.”

Something not-so-funny

The whole weekend went fine, with giant inflatable branded collaterals spread all over the island. Everything was fun! fun! fun! except that at one point or another, something not-so-funny would happen on the way out of the party forum. Some people had to be ushered out—voluntarily or involuntarily.

It caused some weird commotion inside the good-vibed venue. Temperatures were raised even higher (not the good kind), some people were screaming, others were raising their fists. But it all got lost in the music and mayhem of the moment. I didn’t know whether the commotion was in celebration of the party or of something else. I wonder how my good buddy and Big Fish founder, the late DJ Tuck Cheah, was taking all this from his DJ throne in heaven.

In this scene (as with any field), it is our responsibility to remind each other why we are here in the first place. Forget ego, and throw your tantrums out the door. If you’ve had a bad day, make sure you cleanse your energy before you enter the party. We go to an event to have fun, not to stop fights or get BV (bad vibes) from people who can’t control their temper, alcohol or whatever.

I am here not to take sides or judge, but to serve as a vanguard to the scene I am very much a part of. Whether you are the promoter, partyphile or producer, aren’t we supposed to be one big happy party family?

PLUR. Nope, this four-letter word does not stand for the latest mobile phone or the catchiest new buzzword. This code represents things we stand for and will continue to abide by. Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. These four pillars of partying should never ever be forgotten or abused.

Anybody who forgets deserves to be ushered out the door, pronto.

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