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Postby Jonah » Thu Jul 20, 2006 3:50 am

Unfortunately, the few published resources I've seen are unavailable. (Though there could be something newer that I haven't come across, I don't buy many books anymore.) Here's a list from http://bahai-library.org/books/rg/rg.bi ... html#53.10 :

About: Joseph Smith is not considered to be either a Manifestation or a lesser prophet, but rather a sensitive person who was influenced by the spiritual forces Bahá'u'lláh released (Lights of Guidance, 2d edition, 510f.) Given Smith's merely human status, he is not considered to have had the ability to prophesy (ibid. 484). Nonetheless, Kenneth D. Stephens has attempted to demonstrate that Smith foretold the appearance of The Báb and Bahá'u'lláh. This is contained in the longest, though non-academic, exposition of the relationship between the Bahá'í Faith and Mormonism yet published, Stephens' <i>So Great a Cause! A Surprising New Look at the Latter Day Saints.</i>

References: Lights of Guidance, 510-11, has three paragraphs on Joseph Smith. George Townshend appears to be the first Bahá'í author to publish on Mormonism, producing The Conversion of Mormonism in 1911 and Why I am not a Mormon, in 1907. These are currently out of print. William Collins has written three excellent (and available) articles about Mormonism: "The Bahá'í Faith and Mormonism," in World Order, 15.1/2 (Fall 1980/Winter 1981); "The Bahá'í Faith and Mormonism: Further Reflections," in World Order, 17.3 (Spring 1983); and "Research Note: Mormonism and the Bahá'í Faith," in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 3.2 (1990-1991).

Unfortunately <i>So Great a Cause</i> is unavailable (though try http://abe.com ). I recently corresponded with the publisher, asking if it was out of print because it's not listed at his site http://www.naturegraph.com/general/bahai/bahai.html , and if not, was it possible to post it online. He responded that it is no longer in print and no longer available from him, and that he does not have a digital copy of it. However, he would give permission to post it online (pending author's permission too).


<b>Update:</b> This is a good site, which would summarize a more "authoritative" interpretation of Mormonism and the Baha'i Faith than Mr. Evenson might provide: http://www.bci.org/prophecy-fulfilled/mormon.htm .

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Postby Keyvan » Fri Jul 21, 2006 10:22 pm

ive decided that working with the joseph as a "seer" findings, while interesting, do more harm than good.

i think for every mormon that might find that interesting, you will have about 10 non mormons, that think mormonism is crazy and wacked out, thinking that Baha'i's are just being universalist and trying to touch upon every thing imaginable.

of course with the religions of the Manifestations its different because their texts are distorted so there is that margin of difference that can be reconciled in teaching. i mean thats hard enough, but add this to the mix and...wow. theres a reason why this isnt in the writings, even if it is true, and i think we should appreciate that.

ive written to joel smith, who i assume was once mormon, and i received what looked suspciously like a recycled response, talking about how mormons emailed him saying it was interesting. i responded by saying that its turning of 10 times as many people just by the front page alone, repelling further investigation.
...to that i received no response. nor a response in my plea after that, or after that.

i honestly think the administration should get involved. this could seriously impede teaching progress.

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Postby Baha'i Warrior » Fri Aug 04, 2006 2:00 pm

I think as with Muslims, you have to always (when engaged in discussion—this is the safest way) say that you are going to discuss their Faith/your Faith using the Bible (or Koran)—because other revealed books/hadith make it a bit complicated and I'm sure they will agree with you that whatever is in their book (or hadith in the context of Muslims) cannot contradict the Bible/Koran. We cannot for instance read every single source like the Book of Mormon, Luther's catechism (for Lutherans), or in the case of Muslims every small obscure hadith....although you certainly are not at any disadvantage if you do read them, but the point is to stick with the main thing, the Bible, that's the safest in my opinion

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Re: Teaching Mormons

Postby Baha'i Warrior » Fri Aug 04, 2006 2:11 pm

tawna wrote:On a side note, I kind of contemplate homefront pioneering in Orem, Utah. My reason: :oops: I started having a crush on a young man that lives there. Right now, this is a fantasy I play around with, and I'm not certain about actually doing that. For now, I busy myself with research. Regardless of whether or not I would actually choose to move to Utah, I would still be interacting with Mormons.

By the way, this reminded me of something (I can't resist). When I think of popular Mormons the first guy that comes to mind is Larry Scott (the first Mr. Olympia...before Arnold Schwarzenegger et al.) Also the inventer of the Scott Curl! Check out: http://www.schwarzenegger.it/mro/scott.html 8)

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Re: Teaching Mormons

Postby hugobjzq » Mon Aug 14, 2006 4:18 pm

Dear Tawna,

1) I am Darrick Evenson. The "negative comments" are from Anti-Mormons. At one time I was a Mormon Apologist (defender of the Mormon Faith). I wrote a book in defense of it, and helped other people get information to write expose's of several prominent Anti-Mormons. The Anti-Mormons are just like the Anti-Baha'i Society of Iran. They are liars, and will use anything to discredit the truth. You can read more about them at:

2) Active (faithful) Mormons will NEVER join the Bahai Faith nor be interested in it, as the Baha'i currently present it to them. That's why I wrote the articles I did. Keyvan is quite wrong, and could not be more wrong, in saying that "it does more harm than good". He doesn't know what he is talking about. His miscommunications with Mormons bring negative responses, and that is why I wrote THE SEER JOSEPH SMITH AND THE BAHA'I FAITH. Keyvan has probably never read it, or, if he has, never took my suggestions.

To faithful Mormons, the Baha'i message of race unity and world peace seems socialist. They will NEVER ____NEVER____ accept the Baha'i Faith as the Baha'is currently present it (as a "way" to bring race unity and world peace). However, if they think that Baha'u'llah is THE HOLY GHOST INCARNATE and that Joseph Smith prophesied of Him, then some Mormons will respond positively as Joel Smith also testified to Keyvan.

If you want to pioneer in Utah, I suggest you read and study intensively my websites, then you will be prepared to teach them.

Good luck!
Darrick Evenson

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