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Postby onepence » Sat Jul 01, 2006 11:28 pm

Hey guys

Just curious if anyone would like to discuss
personal experinces with dreams.

I say this because i find my dreams are changing,
an ever evolving creation {of His ? ? ?}.

My favorite dream {state} was when i was preparing a presentation of a tent design for consideration for the Mother Temple of South America. Ultimately my idea of a tent didn't even make it within the top five presentations, but man o man what an experience it was. It seemed i dreamed about tents 24/7, learning this learning that, imagining this imaging that, from good ole American tent revivals to Baha'u'llah's personal tent my soul did seem to wonder ... wow ... what a great expereince it was.

Of course as a young Baha'i i never dreamed about tents ... i guess one could say my material side was way dominate in my earlier developmental stage{s} {gross cardnal desires et al} but through the Power of the Word of God i s l ooo w l y and by no means completely began to focus more of my attention upon the things of the spirtual world ... one of the more helpful instuctions i found was in The Hidden Words ... O SON OF BEING! Bring thyself to account each day ere thou art summoned to a reckoning; for death, unheralded, shall come upon thee and thou shalt be called to give account for thy deeds. ... so ... i know there are different ways of experincing this aspect of the Word of God; in fact, at some points in my life, i kept a written journal describing this and that at the end of my day {{ and sometimes i would just draw a picture {{very child like *smile* pictures}} and think about my relationship with God at the end of each day ... and sometimes i forgot to do anything [sad face] ...

I guess i should learn to be more disciplined ... i mean like back in the day people would get on their knees at the end of each day and pray ... me ... don't think i have ever done it that way, although i think i might try that approach some day soon ... i find myself more in a dreamstate than praying when i experience certain aspects of the Hidden Word mentioned ...

I guess sometimes {my predominate} experience/s in a dreamstate is one in which I am standing within sight of 'Abdu'l Baha ... most of the time He is busy writing and I am waiting to be called ... it is a nice experience ... He doesn't seem to mind me being there and i am like man if only this was real {ly in the physical realm ... to have served the Master ... to be a servant to the Holy Family ... to have lived,breathed,walked,talked and more than that to serve, in the physical form, the Master ... wow ... what unimaginablly glorious experiences the ones that had obtained such blessings in this life} ...

and then it is like back to the mundane world ... chop wood carry water ...

but recently my dreamstate is changing ... it is like i want to or am experiencing paradise {{garden like setting}} ... i attribute this phenomenea to a couple of things ... one in which i was reading from 'Abdu'l Baha in which He was/is to be considered the Master Gardener in which He takes care of all aspects of the Garden {of paradise??} which is contained within the hearts of all mankind [bad paraphase, i know, so please forgive me but also bear with me cuz i think you might enjoy the outcome *smile*] ... so the thought/s of the Garden and paradise where planted in my soul {i mean like you know all through His Writings} ... and then the other thing i attribute my dreamstate changing to what has been mentioned is my son tyler ... the apostle tyler ... Tyler Phillip Hedges ...

this is the current experience i am having ... we are like falling asleep ... he is lying beside me ... i am recounting my deeds for the day and the apostle tyler speaks and says don't forget about me ... and it is like wow ... instead of i it is now we ... wow ... yes yes i know only individual accountablity within the precients of God ... but ... tyler is still a minor, nine months old, and i feel a duty a responseablity to teach him {about Everything} and find it rather pleasant to teach him (in dreamstate and later physical reality} that we should "Bring thyself to account each day" ... and as i was doin this it was like we where walking in a garden ...

and it got me thinking about paradise and stuff ...

only once or twice before did i ever dream of a "true" garden experince ... once when my former wife and i were going through our divorce .. man i wanted that marriage to work so bad ... it was like once {in my dreams} 'Abdu'l Baha had called us to a picinic {in a garden} and prayed that we could work out our differences ... but alas ... the former wife walked away ...

and then another garden dreamstate experince happens often when i am praying ... it seems as if my soul likes to go to Bahji ... but i seldom ever make into the inner Sanctuary ... maybe because i haven't been on Pilgrimage so i have no visual refrence but who really knows ... yet the gardens outside of Bahji, as refrenced by pictures I have seen, my soul does seem to like to wonder ... ever seeking the path ... lol/soft smiles ...

so i suppose i have other dreams too ... and perhaps i will write about them some day ... but for now

a few questions

What de we know about paradise ... with emphasis on the garden{s?} ... like classical Persian gardens {?} ... design lay out ... etc. and why ... symbolic refrences to ?? .... and the gardens around each shrine ... layed out and why symbolic refrences to ??? ...

and gardens around the Houses of Worship ... each one ... same sort of questions ...

also ... if anyone else wants to contribute to the general topic


like peronal dreams ... lucid dreaming .... tales told of/by other dreamers ... examing dreams ... dream fulfillment ... etc ...

i think i would enjoy listening.


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Postby Hasan » Sun Jul 02, 2006 9:16 pm

Hi friend! Yes, I like the dreams, sometimes I prefer stay in a dream than come back to reality.

There are kinds of dreams, a real dream, a spiritual dream is very real, I dream with the Master once, it is not revelation - I know. It could be imagination, but the issue here is what you feel, good luck

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Postby onepence » Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:37 am

Hasan wrote:Hi friend! Yes, I like the dreams, sometimes I prefer stay in a dream than come back to reality.

There are kinds of dreams, a real dream, a spiritual dream is very real, I dream with the Master once, it is not revelation - I know. It could be imagination, but the issue here is what you feel, good luck

Hi Hassan,

Thank you for your reply and gentle guidance,
because, like you, i can see
a distinction between
dreams and imagination
a more accuraute description of my feelings
would be
i often imagine
this or that type of experiences

yes ... dreams are different than imagination ...

which ... in certain aspects is kinda funny ...
it seems as if your gentle wisdom also helped me
to look at the use of conjugation in writing styles

Conjugation Definitions
http://www.rhymezone.com/r/rhyme.cgi?Wo ... syl&org2=l

image imagining imagination imaged


on a side note ... the wife and I were talking about raising tyler and how important it is for us {the parents} to present a good image to him ... last night i actually was able to go old school on remembering The Hidden Word passage cited earlier in this thread

which kinda brings me to another side topic

standard and values
{yes yes yes ... always interested in economics i am}

but it seems as if standards and values
are a lot more complex
than the old world materialist{ism}s so often praised/talked about

in fact in the new Word order standards and values
arise from the simple Letter to Letters and go well beyond Word into words
[images of the unconnected letters of the Qu'ran are more than tradition]

here is an interesting talk which brings to light
some interesting thought/s about standards and values
given by
Hand of the Cause of God A.Q. Faizi
Australia 1969


anyway .... thanks again for the reply ... hope to hear again from you soon


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