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Offical & Global Skill Specialized / Human Resource Foru

Postby Tahirih99 » Tue Jun 20, 2006 1:51 am

Dear all,

I am working on a project and need your help. I am a post graduate student in e-business and would like to have some research on the accessibility to our Baha'i global human resources.

I would like to vision a more global and institutional structure (system and links). I would like to write up with a systematic procedure of how to links resources together, as a global institution.

That is the first vision "a global official system" , then, the ambition is to capture a "database of all Baha'i human resources globally".

i.e.: as an official link in that global system, I could be able to search for all Baha'i webmasters. It can be also in cluded in there a link to a Baha'i webmaster forum (ie. Badi Forum), where all Baha'i webmaster will be accessible, I could come there and ask for help, suggestion,editing, review... to design my local community website, rather than to desperately find skills just within my local community.

i.e. an official forum for all Baha'i English- Chiness translator, who would be willing to translate, edit, suggest,comment, for works from any other countries.

The same can be created for other skills and resouces, then all skills can be shared, utilized, supported at a much broader level.

Basically it is same as this forum, but it some more factors:
- it is more skill speciallize, so people will join in the skill group.
- it is officially endorsed by our institutions.
- it is offically linked to all official Baha'i international or national website.
- it is globally "marketed" via our institutions to Baha'i globally as a single portal or skills and human resources, so every Baha'is know that it is available and know where to find the link.

ie. this forum is such a great resource, but I only get to know it now, also through a personal reference, not via an institution.

The question is:
- what do you think would be needed to start that project?
- any similar Baha'i websites, resources or forums available on the web that you know of.
- any Holy Writing on developing global resources.
- any ongoing or future projects within your community, your country by indivuduals or institutions that you may know of.
- any contact or person, who are in these similar projects, you think would know about, or interest in this matter to help with more information.
- or any advice.

Thank you so much for having such a great forum
All the best,

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Postby onepence » Tue Jun 20, 2006 2:58 am

Dearest Tahirih99,

with your permission
i wish to speak informally to thee
and perhaps later in a more elegant tongue

i see your enegy, your enthusiasm
and am enjoying the fresh bearth of life that you bring

we may in the future have a lot to talk about
did i read something about vietnam
i have a business interest there
perhaps you or one you know could look up
to see how they are doing

vietnam is strong ... economically strong ...
and i think on order of 100 thousand Baha'is
that are not allowed to have an Administrative Order in country
due to current political structure/s within

but i ramble on ... lol ... smile ...

here are some websites
that you might find interesting
Baha'i Computer & Communication Association
The Baha'i Ring Around the virtual Baha'i world in over 200 ways
A Bahá'í Faith Page

you may find it best to offer your services
to any and all above

a person of oneness,
the apostle dean

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Offical & Global Skill Specialized / Human Resource Foru

Postby Tahirih99 » Tue Jun 20, 2006 8:38 pm

Dear "the apostle dean",

Be informal when you wish to.

Thank you very much for your e-mail and the great information. I will study the sites you recommend and will come back with more questions, which I definitely will have.

Did I mentione something Vietnam? You could read between the lines, I guess. :D I am a Vietnamese and fortunately was born into a Baha'i family. I have been in VN all the time (more than 30 years) and just migrated to Australia 1 year ago, for the kids' education. I guess our experience in VN is interesting enough to write books about, if anyone of us could have the talent to do so. If you are interested to know more about Baha'is in Vietnam or interesting in doing business in Vietnam, feel FREE to ask. We are experienced in both and more than willing to assist in any way we can.

It is a great pleasure to be part of these discussion.

All the best,

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Postby brettz9 » Wed Jul 05, 2006 10:38 pm

Dear Tahirih,

I appreciated hearing your ambitious interest and aims...

I think Onepence's (or do you prefer, Dean?) last link could potentially be especially helpful, with its link to Baha'i businesses? I don't recall the status exactly of BCCA. I think it departed out of an Association for Baha'i Studies (which is official), though they have some official connection, as their email lists require Baha'i Id's. And I'm not sure whether that individual page is managed in the same way as the other BCCA activities (such as email lists). But you might try contacting them to find out. I think the email was ?

As far as your idea for a Baha'i webmaster forum, once the free, open-source, phpBB "Olympus" software is available (the long-awaited upgrade to the software we are now using in this forum), unlimited subforums are supposed to become possible. This should make it easy to add as many forums as people desire and nest them into categories, so the main page is not too huge (off the topic, I'd love to modify that so that people could add their own subforums without needing to wait for admin approval, kind of wiki-style, but for discussion forums).

Jonah may be amenable to adding a specific forum you had in mind now though, if you had a special interest (unless you were just giving an example), and if not, you could just start an ongoing thread in this discussion forum dedicated to your topic (though I agree having structured organization would help people find it better in the future). If there is a lot of interest in all this, I could set up the new version of a commercial forum (which I already have paid for) at . The only problem with this is that moving the information over later to the free, open-source software I mentioned above (which I'd want to do) might be a pain. (Unlimited subforums will be good in other areas as well, such as allowing people to have a discussion relating to specific books or even paragraphs of the Writings, as well as about specific individuals or topics, etc.). As far as a translation forum, that could also be easily set up via our own forums also, though, of course, not official. If you were specifically interested in website assistance, you might look at as this Local Spiritual Assembly-sponsored project already helps others for institutionally sponsored website projects.

On a personal note as far as your idea, while I see it could be handy to have, and worth investigating, I'm not so sure "everbody" is going to be willing to add themselves into a database, whether for privacy, security, or wanting to be barraged by requests for help. And the institutions, from my assessment, seem to concentrate more on internal needs (e.g., Local Assembly secretary assistance) and allow individual initiative to take the ball for such items which would be voluntary opt-in and of general interest to individuals. An Association for Baha'i Studies might give an official stamp to (and help promote awareness of) a database of scholarly resources, perhaps and there is already such a database available onsite. (Please note it had been offline for a while so much of the informatioin may not be current.) Many helpful things, if they grow in popularity, can function as a kind of standard, and, if it needs an official endorsement/promotion later (and the institutions are willng), that can be added later.

As far as Holy Writings on developing global resources, I can only think of "The Prosperity of Humankind" (there is "Conservation of the Earth's Resources" but that is on the environment).

I am working on a multi-purpose database system now that could possibly be made in the future to allow users to add data about any kind of skill (and even allow users to suggest fields to collect from other users) (e.g., someone might propose, via the interface, a "programming languages" field with some possible choices already listed (such as Java, C++, PHP) and then, if approved by the administrator, those adding human resources relating to programming in the future could have a drop-down menu of these choices already available).

best wishes,

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