Laughing at funny things, whats the limit

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Laughing at funny things, whats the limit

Postby shm » Sat Mar 18, 2006 11:36 pm

I dont know if Im allowed to consider things that are funny to me to be funny, or should I overcome my thought about how funny they are and look at them with disgust

For example somone from my school wrote this and I was wondering would it be considered bad in the eyes of Bahaullah if I laughed at it

"I know some TA's that are super easy markers that gives out free 100% and some TA's that are super rectal (more than anal) markers. I don't know if my TA is a tough or an easy marker."

For some reason I found this funny, am I allowed to laugh at it, or should I try to change my view and think of it as something bad and say whats wrong with that person, why does he have to describe it like that.

Any advice or quotes from the writings, thanks

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Postby onepence » Sun Mar 19, 2006 1:29 pm


it is very interesting to see your thoughts and comments here.
and I enjoy our friendship/dialogue ...
I see in you amazing capablities and unlimited potentials
I enjoy your purity but am also a little apprehensive toward your leanings toward bigoted puritanism.

as far as I am concerned the "percieved joke"
if I am understanding it correctly
{ta being teachers assistamce, not something else that is kinda funny}
and percieved humor arising from going above and beyond over the top limits ... "super rectal (more than anal)" ... can, imho, be relatively funny in a bathroom sense of humor way ... smiles,chuckles and yes even a little laughter ...

... but as to your deeper level of question, as to what is humor, and are there limits, etc ... ... I wish to remind you that the Hand of the Cause William Sears wrote a rather famous book among the elder Baha'is entitled God loves Laughter, which, if I remember correctly, had a lot of stories about him growing up {in a loving/laugh filled home} and his search and recognization of Baha'u'llah

God Loves Laughter

the next logical question though is
what is funny to God
is there stories of Baha'u'llah laughing
What do you think would make Baha'u'llah laugh today
Can I spread good cheer to my fellow co-workers?

and on and on the questions may go
but you will have to do your own research into those questions

but as far as being sober
and not "irrationally exhuberiant"
surely there are limits to fanatical puritanism also

I did a brief search for you on Islam Laughter
and found this site

take care


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Postby onepence » Sun Mar 19, 2006 4:05 pm

here is an example of humor I find enjoyable ... mber-five/

Fasting is revolutionary: it can change everything, or nothing.

Fasting is tricky, it’s a subversive activity. When you start, suddenly you’re no longer the government of your self, you’re the general of the guerilla separatists, running through the jungle in a loincloth with your ardent soldiers deployed around you; you’re diving into the tunnels; you’re fighting against the godless Huns.

It’s an insurgency against several impulses, of which eating and drinking are only the most obvious. But there are better ones, and you get into tangled situations: if I’m talking to a girl because I find her attractive, have I broken my fast? This is when you are dealing with the infiltrators. Possibly the girl is a bright soul, and speaking with her is to embrace a comrade in the rebellion. But she might be a government agent, sent to seduce and corrode. The fast is a dark game of confusion, because fasting has nothing to do with not eating and not drinking.

I love the fast, even if I hate not eating, and not drinking. The most insubstantial element of the fast, the most meaningless - no food, no water - is the one that conflicts and distracts the most, that draws us alluringly away from something else. Your daily life is altered physically, mentally: but it might be for nothing, you might forget the spirit, and any historian can tell you that this is the pattern of all revolutions.

Viva la fast, we scream, as we stuff hamburgers down mouths.

Saleem, " Lessons from Starvation: Number Five," The Neocrats

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Postby shm » Sun Mar 19, 2006 4:15 pm

I dont understand how talking to a girl can break ur fast. You have to know ur own motive when talking to the girl or the manner in which u are talking to the girl.

If u are talking to the girl in a seductive manner than this is inappropriate whether ur fasting or not, and u should avoid it always. Fasting is not something where u dont say curse words or dont talk sexually while u fast but its ok when ur not fasting. Its pretty obvious that these things are wrong when ur not fasting.

Fasting involves not eating, drinking, smoking, or putting anything in ur mouth,

talking to girls or not talking to girls and whether it is right or wrong is something that applies all the time of ur life whether fasting or not


Postby Saleem » Thu Apr 20, 2006 8:05 pm

shm wrote:I dont understand how talking to a girl can break ur fast.




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