Physical appearance, seems to be some injustice here

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Physical appearance, seems to be some injustice here

Postby shm » Sat Mar 18, 2006 10:13 pm

Why is it that people have different physical appearance? I know that its cuz we are all different and are like flowers in a garden. But from what I can see, maybe I am wrong there is some injustice with this aspect of life.

For instance if I have a good physical appearance I am more likely to be treated in a good manner by others. eg. if I look good a stranger who I just met will likely think good of me cuz I am handsome or beautiful. Anybody who I come across even a stranger will think better of me and if I smile to them(not in the sexual sense as can be seen by the smile) they will probably respond better, or if ur in a classroom, lets say ur in a gathering where everyone is new to one another, people will most likely want to talk or be close to the person who looks good or beautiful or handsome. And this attraction to the person who looks pleasant to look at is not cuz they hate people who dont look pleasant its cuz automatically, unintentionally and unconsciously people(meaning everyone) get a good impression or feeling when they look at someone pleasant(Im not talking sexually)

There seems to be some injustice with peoples appearance, why couldnt it be that everyone looks different but that everyone looks equally pleasant to look at.

Is there anything in the writings about this, thanks

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Postby onepence » Sun Mar 19, 2006 1:00 pm

What is pleasant and what is hideous
is often a "learned" experience

If ye wish to learn from Baha'u'llah
consider this quote from the Qur'án 67:3

"No defect canst thou see in the creation of the God of Mercy:
Repeat the gaze: Seest thou a single flaw?"

see also The Seven Valleys and The Four Valleys for the above quote,
it is also interesting to note that one of my favorite quotes from Baha'u'llah
bears heavily on this subject that shm has brought up for discussion.

"He beholdeth justice in injustice, and in justice, grace."

enjoy your studies and take care


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