Baha’i Fast Starts Thursday

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Baha’i Fast Starts Thursday

Postby onepence » Sun Feb 26, 2006 8:30 pm

Nick Tate, Baha’i voiceover master

Baha’i Fast Starts Thursday ... -thursday/

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So the fast is fast approaching (I’d tell you how long I’ve been waiting to type that if it didn’t make me look like a giant dork) and I hope you’re all prepared. If you’re not, head over here and read some quotes about the importance of fasting. Once you’re suitably amped, go here for a sunrise/sunset times generator for your area (you’ll need longitude and lattitude and your time zone, which you can get via links at the bottom of the page). After that, give a call to some local Baha’is and make arrangements to get together for breakfast and prayers, cause that’s always more fun than stumbling around at 4:30am by yourself right?
Then, with all of that taken care of, you can check out this article from The Record in Stockton, California about Baha’is getting ready for the fast. It’s a cute little piece about the hunger, the sleep deprivation, the halitosis and, of course, the spiritual rejuvination:

[Cathy Yavrom said] “…it’s a time for special prayers. It’s a time for self-evaluation and communing with God. I love to get up early, finish eating and say prayers when the sun comes up.”

[Dr. Ramin] Manshadi thinks there are several benefits to fasting, but that “the main thing is to put aside the material need and put more time toward fulfilling your spiritual needs,” he said.

Oh, and don’t forget to send everyone you know a nice e-card explaining why you won’t be coming to lunch for a while.


Postby Guest » Thu Mar 02, 2006 8:45 pm

Fasting tips:

1. Is it daytime? If you're a Baha'i, try not to think about a big juicy steak sizzling on the grill.

2. Night is defined as (1) when you can't tell a black thread from a white thread, (2) when you can see three stars, and/or (3) if you shut your eyes really tight so as to block all the sunlight. Failing that, no one could blame you for following Haifa time.

3. You know that Japanese hot-dog eating champion? Is he a Baha'i? Anyway, try not to think about him either.

[your turn!]

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