tradations both old and new

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tradations both old and new

Postby onepence » Tue Aug 22, 2006 9:12 am

seeking comments about tradition
like what are some old traditions that you like
or don't like
if you could start a new tradition what would it be.

This subject came to mind
from a different thread when pilgrimbrent
wrote about some experiences he had
and it reminded me of traditional thought

He cited a traditon

"Well, you try, and you fall on your face, and you get up and try again".

that he heard from older Baha'is ... a very good traditionsl thought of what it means to be human ... but should traditional thought be used as a basis for denyng somebody some help he is expressly seeking than perhaps such traditional thought becomes determential to both the seeker and the one sought ... and then the only comfort that the seeker has must come from another source ...

I am sure there are countless traditions within our Faith.
Some shall stand the test of time others will go by the way side.

If I could start a new tradition i would say
"Beauty needs not to be defined by traditions."

the apostle dean

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