"Sex" in the next world.

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"Sex" in the next world.

Postby quincy » Sun Jan 10, 2021 3:56 am


sorry for taking a while to make part two of this.

Part one was "Making this clear about the equality of men and women."

So here is the next part. I made that topic because I wanted to try a understand something. I know that some was interpreting the quotes as having to do with the physical world but as I still look at those quotes, to me it's still saying that men and women are different even in a certain aspect of spirituality.

This brings me to the next thing, when shoghi effendi said, "their is no sex in the next world," I have to say with sincere honesty that I'm kind of bummed out about that quote. Because as a man I believe that women is the most beautiful creatures that God has created. And I'm just thinking that it would be sad if there were really no women and no having sex in the next world. :(

But could it be that "sex" is just not what it's called in the next world? Could it just be "called something else"?

Baha'u'llah says that the souls of the believers will be "intimate" with each other:

"the souls of the people of Bahá, who have entered and been established within the Crimson Ark, shall associate and commune intimately one with another, and shall be so closely associated in their lives, their aspirations, their aims and strivings as to be even as one soul”, and He assures us that they “are united in the bonds of intimacy and fellowship.”

Abdu'l-baha says that the next world is a "counterpart" to this world and that this world is the next world's "shadow." He also says the for the soul who never experienced a relationship here, a mate with be for him/her in the next world.

"The souls who sacrifice self, become detached from the imperfections of the realm of man, and free from the bondage of this ephemeral world, assuredly the splendors of the rays of Divine Union shall shine in their hearts, and they shall find ideal relationship and happiness in the Eternal Paradise."

"This paragraph relates to those souls who never in this world find their true spiritual mate, and remain deprived throughout this transitory life of that great joy. To such He says: "If you become detached from this ephemeral world and the imperfections of the realms of man, assuredly the splendors of Divine Union will shine in your heart and you find ideal relationship and happiness in the Eternal Paradise."

Notice the singular "relationship"

So what do you all think of "sex" or "no sex" in the next world?

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