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Bahá'í Chronology: 2013-08-24

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2013 24 Aug Ataollah Rezvani disappeared while on his way home and the next day the Criminal Investigation Office of Bandar Abbas informed the family that his body had been found outside the city. The report of the forensic physician determined the cause of death to be “a hard trauma on the brain tissues, due to being hit with some penetrating object, such as (a bullet)” and ruled it as a suicide. Strong evidence exists to indicate that it was not. [Archives of Bahá'í Persecution in Iran]
  • The assassins were never identified. The murder was not reported in the Iranian newspapers and did not raise any protest except among prisoners of conscience at Rejaee prison who condemned the assassination in a statement and demanded justice. [175YP266-267]
  • Bandar Abbas; Iran persecution, Iran; Ataollah Rezvani; Z****
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