Ch.III, p.76, f.3

The Bab refers to her in his commentary on the Surih of Joseph ( Surih of Qarabat). The following is A. L. M. Nicolas' translation of the passage in question: "In truth I have become betrothed before the throne of God with Sara, that is to say, the dearly beloved, because `dearly beloved' is derived from Dearly Beloved (the Dearly Beloved is Muhammad which signifies that Sara was a Siyyid). In truth I have taken the angels of heaven and those who dwell in Paradise as witnesses of our betrothal. "Know that the benevolence of the Dhikr Sublime is great, O dearly beloved! Because it is the benevolence which comes from God, the Beloved. Thou art not like other women if thou obeyest God with regard to the Dhikr Sublime. Know the great truth of the Holy Word and glory within thyself that thou art seated with the friend who is the Favorite of the Most High God. Truly the glory comes to thee from God, the Wise. Be patient in the command which comes from God concerning the Bab and his family. Verily, thy son Ahmad has a refuge in the blessed heaven close to the great Fatimih!" (Preface to A. L. M. Nicolas' "Le Bayan Persan," vol. 2, pp. 10-11.) „The Bab¼s widow survived till A.H. 1300 (1882-83).¾ (Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1889, article 12, p.993.) Both were the sons of Mirza Ali, who was the paternal uncle of the mother of the Bab. Mirza Muhsin and Mirza Hadi, respectively the son and grandson of Mirza Siyyid Hasan and Mirza Abu¼l-Qasim, became sons-in-law of åAbdu¼l-Baha.